Art exhibit: Regards d’artistes de la Syrie

Art exhibit: Regards d’artistes de la Syrie

The Syrian Cultural Center in collaboration with the Quebec’s Masters and Artisans Museum is pleased to invite you to an exhibit featuring Syrian Artists.

It aims to show the work of several artists of Syrian origin to the various specialties and experiences. You will see the work of Hala Abiad, Hala Bitar, Abboud Haskour, Rabab Abboud, Randa Hijazi, Rock Arteen, Tarek Haidar, Yala Shabah, Peggy Assouad, Elza Mardirossian, Nahed Koussa, Sima Hamod and others. Beyond the borders, this exhibit presents artists living in Quebec.

This event is an opportunity to disseminate and appreciate the artistic and artistic expression of the Syrian community, an opportunity to gather around this community recently and always harshly tested. As part of its cultural mission, the Syrian Cultural Center and the Museum recognize visual art and crafts as universal mediums, tools for expression, integration, meaning and hope.

You are all invited to the Opening on Saturday, September 16 at 5 pm at the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec 615, avenue Ste-Croix, Montreal, Quebec H4L 3X6. The exhibit will run from September 14 till October 28.

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