Our Focus

One of our main goals is to help internally displaced Persons in Syria. Currently, approximately 1/3 of the Syrian population of 23M have been forced to flee their homes because of the conflict.

The purchasing power of the dollar is considerably higher in Syria than in neighboring countries, Europe or the USA. Consequently, with help from people like yourself, we hope to send financial assistance through recognized Canadian charities such as Development and Peace, Oxfam Quebec, and Jesuit Refugee Services to support projects benefiting those remaining in Syria and in calamitous need of humanitarian assistance.

We aim to help the population cope with the challenges they face and ultimately stay in their homeland. Join us in this noble cause as we work hand in hand to build a brighter future for Syrians affected by the humanitarian crisis. Every gesture of solidarity, every donation, every action matters. Together, we can make a real difference and offer a ray of light in the darkest moments.

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